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Friday night i went out and met up with violetgrimm, nemoeib, and aevumcaruivos to watch Aeon Flux. It was not nearly as bad as speicus feared. sure, it isnt like the cartoon, but if you think about it, sometimes the cartoon wasnt like the cartoon. Basically i liked it. it was a nonstop movie, and i liked that. definately one i'll get on dvd. Afterwards we ended up hanging out for a while and eating some tasty lo mein and eggrolls.

Saturday i drove down to Madison with some refs and garda belts to watch the Mad City Rollers' Dairyland Dolls bout the Arizona Roller Derby's Tent City Terrors. The MCR was super great hostesses, and we had a blast watching the bout and having two car walkie talkie hijinks. The snow sucked ass. after the bout we ended up getting some pizza on State st, and hanging and talkin with Bootleg Bonny and Dee Dee Capitator. They were really cool, and probably really happy about winning the bout. We discussed derby crap, and then piled back into our cars to make the snowy drive home. Did i mention it was snowing? and that it sucked?

Sunday was of course the Minnesota Rollergirls bout, and that was fun as usual.
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