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Happy T-Day!

A few words of thanks to everything i have in my life.

my friends: you all add something special to my life. some of you add things that i'd rather not have, but hey. its ok. i'm sure a little soap and water will wash it out.

my close friends: you are some of the best people i know. you're there to lend support, and i'm hopefully there to do the same.

my closest friends: you add a great mix of advice and constructive criticism and realism that i sometimes forget.

my family: you're there no matter what. blood is thicker than water, and i could have ended up in a horrible family, but i got you guys. even if you sometimes exacerbate my high blood pressure...

my sister laura: my best sister ever. counting of course the fake sister and fake brother. you always kept me in line when we were growing up.

i'm thankful for each and every one of you, for you all add to who i am today, guide me to who i will be tomorrow and he next day.

i'm thankful for all the trials i put myself through, and how much stronger they've made me.

i'm thankful for having the means to be a slacker for as long as its run.

i'm thankful for all the new opportunities that i've become part of this year

i'm thankful for all the new friendships i've made this year.

i'm thankful for the technology that brings us all together and delivers us content and entertainment to our screens.

(ok that last one is just too geeky but i had to lighten the seriousness a bit...)
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