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its a strange day in spike land. had yet another doctor's appointment today to check on things. still some unknowns. blah.

uh... also went to check on my wayward powerbook. its been having a nice vacation - it went to california for a few days, and has been having some spa time that the local apple store since then. (a tech i know is going to challenge the claim of liquid spill. or at least verify it :D )

had band practice, which went well considering we were missing our Keys. funnily tho, someone would fill in what we were expecting to hear by singing it... badly into the mic. and then we did a few songs super fun. and then some cover song ideas.

made some stirfry for the other boys in the band, and then was teaching someone how to make a relatively stress free turkey dinner for t-givin.

feelin very blah though right now.
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