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look to the left! look to the right!

shot a crapton of pictures at a fashion show last night. but did so much more. i helped wrangle the models and was there to support my friends who were modeling. after the show and the dancing i hung out with ajha at kytann's. it was really nice. got some nice face time with killerbimboz who it feels like i hadn't seen in years. also got a chance to talk to Boy who i never really talked to before. we laughed about Goth Prom 2005 setup and random things. it was a really fun afterbar. the language discussion was sorta strange, and hearing vivianne talk in russian is a treat.

lots of pictures to wade through, and i guess i'll throw em up somewhere for you guys to see. i have the best pics cuz i also have the pre-show pictures.

and no, you dont get to see the stuff from the dressing rooms. cuz well, i didnt shoot any. i think.

anyways some things are best left burned in our memories, and not on digital media.

so. pictures forthcoming.
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