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today's tasks

woke up super early. actually, i woke up in the middle of the night because i realized that i had to back up my powerbook. why? because i was going to be taking it in to the apple store to get it fixed. what was wrong with it? well... teh superdrive - you know, the magic dvd / cd burning / playing piece of machinery? well... it doesnt like playing discs. yeah. and its annoying. and since i knew if i didn't get it fixed soon, i'd probably never get it done.
and then i couldnt really get back to sleep, and then i had to be awake for the contractors who were coming over to replace my back door sectional. why? cuz my old dog, you remember? the crazy one i put down 2 years ago? yeah... she ripped the crap out of it. and it was time to get it all replaced. of course the stupid delivery people didnt show up in time. blah.

so then i tried napping for a while. woke up, realized CRAP! i have a haircut to get to! so i got my haircut, then booked over to the apple store and submitted the powerbook for repair.
what am i using now? well i'm now on my backup ibook... yeah. i gots too many computers i think. actually i dont think i have enough...

tonight i was supposed to go hang out with someone, but they had another more pressing appointment. plus they were exhausted. oh well... and i wasn't really feeling up for skating of any sort. so i played some halo2 and then watched Grosse Pointe Blank for the first time. its funny.

now? now i'm sitting here thinking i ate too much junk food and i feel ill. i need a more nutritious diet. anyone want to come over and let me cook stirfry for em? maybe some curry or something. i like cooking! plus i have a can of seitan i wanna use. mmmm...
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