spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


had some leftover fried chicken for dinner tonite, along with some rice, spinach soufflé and some rolls. it was quite tasty.

what i failed to realize was that i didn't finish it quickly enough before derby practice. consequently i felt very... ugh. through most of it. still, i think i'm skating a bit better. i really should have one of the head refs watch me and tell me what i'm doing wrong. tonite's practice felt like we were in someone's basement or something. the floor was all slippery and i actually liked it. probably cuz it reminded me more of ice skating. *shrug*

after practice stopped for a drink with screamingmute, spacebug, s4 and echoegami and hot karla. it was a nice relaxing fun wind down of the eve.

came home, realized that i was craving protein so i nuclear fired up a veggiemeat stick and ate some bad for me corn chips. mmmm corn ships.

ok gonna try and sleep earlier than normal to try and get more sleep than normal.

oh yeah. i forgot i took some random MBTI test today cuz ETMJ er eatstoomuchjam was talkin about it. back in january 04 i got INTP. today? i am an ESFJ : 33/12/12/1 .... hows that for a flipflop?
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