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more times had

hung out more with redghost and supamook on halloween night. ended up bar hopping and landed at the 3rock where ajha was getting had gotten her D.McDrunkerson costume going. it was... amusing. talis9000 stopped by for a drink, and then the hop happened. went to the Entry, where we managed to enter for free, and caught Eleganza doing some superb covers of some Stones songs. eventually wandered over to get our dance on in the main room, where it ended up becoming a very urban halloween. suitably discouraged, we sought sanctuary in the VIP room, where a more danceable 80's mix was happening. too many dj tricks left me nearly homicidal, but soon we were tired out and we headed out.

tuesday saw eatstoomuchjam and i become q-gangsters, tuesday night was some fast and furious video game action with charliewins where we suffered at the hands of silent opponents across the sub etha

wednesday was super tasty vietnamese foods at quang with long lost bebha and maerin. the night was a candy fix. went to target with ajha and bought way too much of the new target chocolates called Choxie. was tempted to harass the pharmacy, but thought better of it. ate a tasty new pizza combination of italian sausage, banana peppers and pineapple (the bp&p being a former tasty topping choice) and too many cheesestix.

ah... good times... good times.
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