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halloween weekend... where to begin...

i really had a great time and i should focus on those highlights. one of my favorite memories will be seeing Rolls Wilder and E-Radicator taking down some guy as a team, and wondering just how much they had been drinking, but really not caring as it was very amusing. other highlights involved seeing redghost in person and and doin a bit of huggin and catching up, officially meeting supamook, chattin with miz v1144181594... and that was just friday!

the weekend continued after much sleeping in on saturday with a much more sedate set of parties. first was a fun birthday party for typhoid which i dragged a bored charliewins out to. we had a good time shooting at each other with rocket launchers and energy weapons. apparently i sorta get into the game. heh. funny. later violetgrimm, ajha, charliewins and nemoeib came over and we had some more drunken karaoke. it was a bit more sedate than the last time we did this, and the only injury was at the end when rollerprincess fell and crushed her finger. a minute with the channel lock pliers fixed that and then it was time to set all the clocks back an hour.

sunday was waking up after what only seemed like an hour's sleep to try and find a bar to watch the packers and bears games. after attempting to go to the packerbar only to find it full of brunching hipsters and pack fans, jonathan and i ended up going to the one place we knew would have it - sally's. not a big fan since they have mediocre food, and the place usually is frigidly cold. even worse was the games result. gah. at least my bears pulled one off again. but god. this nfc north division is teh suck. i mean, the pack plays FUCKTONNES better than the bears and lions combined. how is it those two are at the top of the heap? *scratches head* afterwards i lost my sense of direction and went a mile out of the way driving jonathan back to his ride. went home, decided i should probably nap before derby practice, and ended up not. practice went well, even though there were maybe 2 dozen girls there. had a fun time but realized i still must have a low-grade fever cuz i'm really not able to be 100% yet. came home, rested a bit then went out and met up with supamook and redghost for what was supposed to be a goth themed sunday at the saloon. uh... not so much. it was a normal fracking sunday night music wise. aka 80's. which isnt bad, its good. had a really really good time and talked supamook's ear off, and then had some really nice catch up time with redghost. then it was time to dance our asses off. and then, it was time to leave.

and now its time to leave this entry since its 135987135987 pages long as it is.
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