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scheduling difficulties

last night, on a whim i decided to help out yaaren with her photo shoot for the mn daily. the intention was to create some ghostly images for a spooky article thats running on thursday.
it was fun. gunn made for a spectacular magical ghost. the planned shots of me as a ghost didnt work out (we got... escorted out of the building we were in before we could shoot it) and for a while i got to act as a flash lackey, as well as posing in a few pictures as a normal corporeal entity.

afterwards we managed to save our pizza from being purchased on the street by a hungry out of towner, and we photo geeked it up til the early hours.
consequently, i'm a bit out of sorts today. at least i was able to sleep in.

today i have to figure out why the band ibook doesnt work with the audio interface gear now that i upgraded it to 10.4 - apparently Tascam doesnt even acknowledge the problem and people are abandoning their gear so they can use their equipment. lame!
oh and i think i have a bunch of laundry to do.

tonite? skating. but this time in public. at the roller gardens. you know the drill. it'll be a blast!
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