spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

can't sleep. trogdor will get me.

soooo tired. but yet sooooo not tired.

talking to hot rollergirls makes you all verklempt sometimes.

its been a roller girl filled day. had an early dinner where i think i got poisoned by Flogging Molly. then later Tackle Box had a shindig where i was one of few who were not in costume. (pssst. Mae Kim Beg was lying about her costume!) had a great time, and it was cool finding out how much of a geek MKB really is. There were way too many zombies. i sorta wanted to go dressed as a zombie killer, but i couldnt find my suction cup gun nor do i have an airsoft gun handy. but Cleosplatra's Zombie 'roo was awesome! C-Stars always cuts an awesome rug on the dance floor.

ok i'm for bed. not that anyone is reading this anyways.
Tags: myspace xposted
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