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kicking the ass of the mule with a llama

still sick. but adjusting. the head isnt as congested - i think i'm past the big brunt of it ... but i still have a bad sore throat.
last night i went out and decided to be active. i figured that would help, and i'd go out and infect more people. Of course i was spurred on by the fact that there were a bunch of things i was supposed to do thursday night. (derby practice, prostitutes's sendoff party, sushi, gameworks, envyisblind at the BLB) I decided that after i was tired from showering that attempting to skate around for a few hours was probably a bad idea, so i decided instead to go with the costly but tasty option.
ande2713 had a night planned out to go get some sushi with ezaryu and then hitting up GameWorks for their thursday night $10 deal. the sushi was at Nami and quite tasty as usual. i still felt sub-par from the sick, but for good sushi i kept at it. plus that miso soup was good for my congestion and sore throat :)
afterwards we piled into the car and managed rock-star parking for gameworks, then found it Packed. usually we've gone and been one of maybe a dozen people. they had a bunch of new shooting games which E and i usually hit up. DDR was fun, and less exhausting after my sushi protein loading. apparently the right hand (E's) side ddr pad is borked (-> is stuck) and so i actually managed to kick ass. lol.
after dropping off the kids, it was still early so i decided to drop in on the EiB show. got there in time to watch 2 songs. talis9000 put it best - there was definately some sort of funky stink in there. luckily my olfactory senses are still out of whack. Afterwards i helped break down the EiB gear, and hung out with the EiB crew til much much later in the night than i should have.

Treatment team: Airborne, tylenol sinus, dayquil, nyquil, salt water gargle, honey lemon tea, chicken soup, ibuprofen, salt/baking soda water neti pot, naps
Tags: friends, sick, sushi
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