spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

thank you!

thank you to everyone who left me birthday well wishing comments yesterday. I really hadn't intended to have that post be a 'fishing for bday greetings' post. i was really truly amused that i had woken up at the time of my birth. (8.29am) and for my slacker schedule, thats wayyyy too early to be up.
also big thanks go out to all my friends who posted wonderful Bday greeting Posts of their own.
you're all super hot and your comments and posts helped make my birthday great.

my birthday was filled with fun. Videogames, a wonderful evening of eating too much italian food with my bestest friend ever, and other friends. i even survived an incredibly LOUD restaurant birthday cheering, and then managed to be dietarily good at Coldstone creamery.
afterwards i decided to go out to the saloon, where i wished i had some Halo2 weaponry to blow up some eejit drunk tourists. but that was good times as well, as i got to see some more good friends.
Tags: bday
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