spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

end of summer survey

I stole this from Helle. heh, i even stole some of her answers too...

Answer all these questions to what you had done this summer.

Have you changed this summer?
- yeah a little. not as much change as i went through last summer/fall i dont think.

Spent the night with someone?
- yes

Drank until your stomach hurt?
- heh. no. i ate til my stomach hurt... does that count?

Laughed until you almost peed your pants?
- nope.

- yes of course! i am the vacation master. or something.

- As they like to say, i was born tan. but yes, i did tan and am tan.

Went to a camp?
- nope.

- not really that much. a few laps in the pool.

Went to the movies?
- Not that much - it was too nice outside.

Gone shopping?
- Yeah, how can you not when the megamall is right there.

Had a job?
- [insert sexual innuendo and double entendre here.] otherwise? semi-retired.

Gotten bored?
- Look at me now.

Have you gotten sun burned yet?
- a little. not so bad that i was peeling from head to toe like a few years ago in san diego...

Made a bonfire?
- No... but we did build a big firepit on the lake

Been to another state?
- yup.

Been to another country?
- Nope.

Changed something about your appearance?
- no. unless being 10% lighter from last year counts

Gone on a road trip?
- Yeah, a few. They were all fun. nothing unplanned like last summer's "lunch in madison".

Gone to a concert?
- surprisingly not that many.

Done something with a guy/girl this summer?
- yes

Had a g/f or b/f?
- i'm not sure yet. as the magic 8 ball would say, "reply hazy, try again later"

Dumped a g/f or b/f?
- nope

Kissed someone?
- yup.

Been in trouble with the cops/parents?
- no.

Ran from the law?
- Nah.

Lied to your parents?
- uh. who doesnt?

Gotton so drunk you forgot what happenend?
- all the time...

Smoked weed?
- Nah, I don't smoke.

Snuck out?
- Haha from my own house???

Lost old friends?
- Maybe one. definately lost some new friends.

Missed a friend?
- Maybe more than a few.

Slept under the stars?
- No, that's freaky. That's why we have houses, people.

Thought about school?
- I haven't thought about school in like.... 7139813 years.

Been to the beach?
- yup. who woulda thunk that there was a nice beach in new brighton?!?

Thought about a special someone?
- Yeah.

Hoped they thought about you too?
- yeah.

Rate this summer 1-10
- 8
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