spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

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nuclear nightmares

this morning i woke up from a horrible nightmare. it was one of those montage sort of dreams, the kind where half a dozen story-lines get intermingled and interleaved with each other. one thread that was sort of dominant involved me going to a happy hour with shattering and her boi. at one point, i drove to pick him up / let him know she was ready, and found him studying at a table by a parking lot. jump-cut to a discussion at a marshall field's store where i used to work, talking about how big the store was. jump-cut to some sort of database work related scene where a large system was going online. until some mammoth nuclear waste related explosion blew up the database servers. eventually melting down into a world ending meltdown.

thats when i woke up. and realized that my world was indeed melting down.
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