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how often do you...

i was sitting here reading some news when i got my notification that i had email. my initial automatic reaction is to switch over and read the email. then i remembered something my mentor at work told me. we were discussing how i could get a better handle on tasks i had to do and how i felt like i was spread too thin and that i needed to organize my time better. he answered that in his case, he only read his emails twice a day. that totally boggled my mind. at work, and especially in our positions (and he probably fielded 2x more mail than i did) we got on average 100 emails a day. of which less than a dozen were bulletins / announcements that did not require response.

so... the question is, how do you field emails? do you check every few hours? minutes? seconds? or do you let the emailer 'new mail' notification drive your checks?

(and you'll note that instead of going to email, i interrupted my news reading to write this post. and in the meantime 3 more pieces of mail arrived.)
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