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because early tuesday morning is a great time for a weekend recap!

this weekend was highly eventful.

friday Rissa and I went out. we started with a nice vegetarian dinner at the Village Wok. The Fried Tofu was much better than it has been in the past. afterwards we headed over to Big V's to see 25 cent taco, and then Dude Man Fuck. they were amusing but more than anything they drove my desire to get back on stage.
afterwards, we were supposed to hit up a party but we ended up going to Corrosion. a fun night, but i was in a less than perfect mood due to the various things i had going on in my head.

saturday i hung out with Erin and we ended up hitting up the Beach. after some sun and some burnination we had to go get ready for the Rollergirls Stone Arch bridge skate thinger. (there was a contingent of Rollergirls who skated around for some stone arch bridge festivities.) afterwards we had some drinks with some of the girls who stuck around (it wasnt a full turnout - a little over a dozen skated) and we had a fun time chatting about all sorts of things. later on, i went up to visit kelly and nemo with angie, and that was a blast. oilsoakedpanda and i were merciless in our teasing of nemoeib. saw a dvd of some weird metalish japanese band who had a really slick stage look and style. and then ripped apart nemo's mix of an EiB song. after much too much drinking we finally started playing some video games which was super amusing.
i think saturday was the best day i could have had. it really raised my spirits immensely and i felt a lot better.

sunday was erin moving day. gah. sooo tired from that. was supposed to go to see a band with zinthra, but i was too tired and stuff.

i just realized i have a slew of pictures sitting on one of my cameras. but i'm too tired to go deal with it now, maybe later.
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