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paratroopers ahoy!

tonight rissa and i went out to see a band named Dude Man Fuck. the band that came with the billing was 25 cent taco. (for some reason i want to call them 25 cent monkey. i want a 25 cent monkey dammit!) it was funny cuz i ran into a former coworker. even more funny is today i had lunch with a former boss of mine who is retiring next week.

back to the night though. the bands were amusing. in a strange sort of way. i liked DMF but it was too smoky and the music was too... jam band for me tonight. we skipped out on a party that charliewins really wanted me to be at, but instead i wanted to support my friends down at Zero and we went there. plus there was a lil cowboy monkey who wanted to dance dance dance to the corrosive music.
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