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one of my LJ friends had a friend pass away suddenly this weekend, it really made me think about how fragile life is and how we should cherish all of our friends.

it would be incredibly shocking and difficult for me if any of my friends were to die as suddenly. the loss would be unimaginable. and right now i think i'm just sort of wondering how i would deal with the same situation - a close friend in the prime of their life (mid 20's) who i regularly hang out with suddenly dying.
it makes me realize that i've never really had to deal with someone close to me dying. and it sort of scares me. sure i have had to deal with death. my grandparents have all died, but i wasn't really close to them. i had a guy in my high school homeroom die a week after graduation, and when i worked in a marshall field's store i once had to deal with an accident report with a guy who died in the store... but there never has been a close friend of mine who has passed away.
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