spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


• gravity evolution* guy.
 • unix underpinnings of OSX
• small town west of the twin cities metro where
» the Worlds Largest Ball of Twine made by one man exists
» i saw the perseid meteor shower last night.

it was cool. the twine? weird. fun. theres pics coming soon in a separate post.

the stars? OMG. we drove a bit further west of darwin and parked in a lane and looked up into the night sky and .... i've never seen so many stars. well maybe when i'm down in the islands, but MAN. it was cool. and the perseid shower? totally cool.
it was great fun, thanks to 433 for the heads up. thanks to eatstoomuchjam, typhoid, ninevah and laserbitch for makin the trek out there.

pictures soon!

Correction:thanks danarchy!
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