spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

help me obi-web. you're my only hope.

so i just got an email that looked a lot like spam.
but it didnt necessarily. and i'm sorta confused by it.

see for starters, the Subject actually refered to the body. but there was no contextual reference and so i finally googled and found out how it might have been tied to me.

but i'm getting ahead of myself. let me start over. i got this email from someone thanking me for helping them find the song Sometimes Always and that they had been looking for it for 10 years. it was sent from a cox.net email address, but in the body it started with "My name is Karen @ addresswithheldbyspike@aol.com." so immediately i figured it was spam right? well i'm not so sure. i googled that song (by the Jesus and Mary Chain btw) and found out that i had an ancient entry where i had song lyrics posted. and yes, that entry has a mailto: link that shoots to where i got the email.

so the big question is whether or not this is spam. or should i risk it and email them back at the aol acct and say hi?
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