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so today's post comes to you from Boulder Colorado. which is where i'm vacationing. although technically i'm 'semi-retired' as i like to call it, so its not really a vacation for me. i'm here as the travel partner of my best friend and the mission is to make sure she gets lots of relaxation and fun in so that she doesnt flip out and kill people at work when she returns.

we flew in yesterday and landed in some serious thunderstorm action. nothing like going for a vacation and having lots of rain greeting you.
we checked into the hotel - the St Julien resort, where we found it to be very very swank -
apparently there is a sci-fi inspired room -
hit the bars with wilking , and then passed by a store that had stuffed pugs.

today we took a nice 6 or so mile hike up the trail next to the Boulder Creek.

all the pictures can be found here
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