spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

LJ as my news source...

so i had no idea about the london bombings until i loaded my friends page, and read yaaren's post about it. i quickly went to google news, then cnn, then eventually my tv went on.
my first reaction was that i was glad the numbers of casualties were so low. then i clicked on the map and saw that the bombs went off in an area of town where i think my cousin's flat is. i dont really know exactly. then i thought of my friends adam and ingrid, and hoped that they were ok. especially since i know that they're going through some rough medical stuff right now too.

i love london. my favorite favorite memory of london, and actually one of my favorite childhood memories is being in a london hotel hours after arrival, getting woken up by my parents so that we could get some dinner. (apparently due to something or other we didnt eat dinner on the way over there.) and we ended up at some cafeteria and i had what in my memories was the most tasty ever salisbury steak.
that memory, and the vague memory that london had soft serve ice cream cones all over the place.
i dont think this is true anymore. nor do i think that i would enjoy salisbury steak as much today.
yeah. i'm a foodie.
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