spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

looking back on Convergence

i love that some of my friends are super super big mucka mucks for Con. it makes me proud to know them for the what they have put together. i know that i didnt see a lot of things that make Con, Con. but i liked what i saw. and i really enjoyed those places.
the space lounge? super neat.
vice city? lived up to my expectations and more.
cinema apocolypse? well, didnt actually sit still enough to watch a movie, but i enjoyed the chips.
the dancing and dj-ing in the main room? cool.
the bands? well, apart from neither of the bands actually being "ElectroPunk" as stated in the program, i like both bands. and if i could bottle up brooke i would.

the bad? well... i didnt like what Con brought out in me. i apologize to my friends for any grumptastic behavior from me. i certainly think that saturday night i was much better mooded than friday. dunno if it was my preparations beforehand or what. but yeah.
also, i found myself doing other habits that i dont like to do. and while its possible that i've just been slipping lately, i certainly think that Con added to it.

all in all i am sad that i missed out on the cheapcheapcheap pre-reg for '06, but you know, thats just another $10 that i'm contributing to the fund.

oh, and apparently Erin's boobs are winning the internet.

you freaking perverts.
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