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By limitedbythesky

milkbar Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 17th October 2011
Best Album: 'Vesseled' 9/10 in the NME (Album of the Year 2006.)
Best Single: 'Coleads Replacer Explode Expiries Enshrine' 10/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 21st April 2009.)
Records Sold: 227,272,969 in total (63,850,232 albums, 163,422,737 singles).
Reputation: Legendary
Groupies: In a recent interview with Playboy dale_cooper_ stated that they plan to further their career after milkbar by starring in hardcore blue flicks.

milkbar Member Profiles


Without redghost, milkbar would be a very different band. It is safe to say that redghost's vision and charisma shaped the band during their most vital periods.


Armed with a sizeable repetroire of chords and stylings, dandroid6000 managed to lift milkbar's often monotontous din into something more creditable and exciting.

In a live setting, spikenheimer is by far the most charismatic. When both spikenheimer and dandroid6000 are on form milkbar seem unstoppable, but admittedly this chemistry develops rarely.

A number of up-and-coming bands have mentioned milkbar's drummer usermatt4803 in the music weeklies, citing them as an important influence on their current sound.

Whereas dandroid6000 and spikenheimer are hardskinned party animals who like nothing more than to get drunk and fuck, ande2713 prefers to spend their time composing melodies and working with chord progressions.

Single Releases

# Title Date
18 Adits Lichting Gaggers Amylenes Diode Incloser Sep 2005
16 Vividest Isophote Melanize Arco Redeye Accounts Nov 2005
15 Furrily Beakier Dec 2005
8 Scarted Fecial Quirt Mar 2006
2 Relinked Earn Hominine Feb 2007
2 Planters Died Waffie Rallye Apr 2007
1 Birdcage Pelisse Dislimns Armored Jun 2007
1 Avions Pegboxes Aug 2007
2 Benempt Childbed Biology Jan 2009
2 Chevies Phonates Gravest Glans Out Mar 2009
1 Coleads Replacer Explode Expiries Enshrine Apr 2009
1 Discards Regency Clodpole Depend Sheepmen Jun 2009
2 Maxicoat Coden Merely Variants Aug 2010
1 Middling Cozeys Dimorph Oct 2010
1 Meat Dowser Tottery Onefold Dec 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
25 Gazers Jun 2005
2 Vesseled Nov 2006
1 Mesonic Moviedom Wiriest Rhombi Oct 2008
2 Signage Protocol Isotypes Crouch Jun 2010

northern ireland's worst

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