spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

times o rama.

this week so far has been Festa Italiana! of sorts.

went over to usermatt4803's house monday to work on some milkbar_band stuff. we got peckish, so we decided to forage in Roseville for food. Ended up at the OG and managed to get ande2713 and un_duende to meet us there. afterwards came home vegged and then went over to watch envyisblind. but i mentioned that already.

Tuesday I was going to run some errands but got waylaid by working on all the Pictures i took. that led me to wanting to burn a data DVD containing the pictures which in turn led me to yanking out the old DVD-ROM from the system and putting in the new DVD±R burner i had previously had external. not that it seemed to matter... (now applying various third party patches to see if maybe i can hack it into burning what i need.) but back to the story at hand... so then the roomie and her boi came home after a day of flailing around Valley Fair, and decided they were hungry. for buca. so... off we went to buca's. then after eating much foods, it was time to go down to the Roller Garden for Tuesday Skating. man was it hot. i mean sweaty hot. so after an hour or so, talis9000 and ande2713 and i headed out to walk around Lake Calhoun, which was good times. except for all the mosquito bites i have.

in the meanwhile my cat Donut (see usericon) has just come up to say hi and wants some attention. which i feel obligated to give since he's dying.
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