spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

where is my mind?

i know i've not been updating much here. i think i've been saving my mind for other less deviant pursuits. like watching tv. or dvds. or spending a chunk of my savings online.

i have been busy however. this past weekend went by faster than i ever thought it could, but it didnt seem like a lot happened.

last night i went out to dinner with some friends and ate some tasty indian food. later on, i went to the saloon to hear the Envy Is Blind set and to hang out with friends.

oh and apparently 9xnine's summer accomadations are frighteningly close. like we're talking brett favre could throw a football between our houses i think.

um... not sure if theres any skating action tonight. i'm sitting here wondering if i should maybe have taken my powerbook in to get the dvd drive serviced since i'm having issues trying to load up tiger on it. *sigh* i wonder if i'm still under applecare...

feeling sort of let down by various things, but in the positive column, the new concrete work around my house is great, and as soon as i can get someone to help me bring in the new couch, i can put it together and stuff. whee!!!
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