spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

king photo geek

in an effort to determine what lenses i need, it was suggested i go back through my digital camera pictures and see what focal length i used in some of those pictures.
so instead of simply going through them one by one, i setup the coppermine photo gallery on my server at home. Why? because it uses a database to record various pieces of information about the pictures. and one of the things it can store is the detailed EXIF data from a jpg file - the place where digital cameras spew all sorts of data including the date/time of the shot, the camera used, and the focal distance... so now i'm loading a whole slew of photos into this setup so i can do database queries on the thing. lol.

otherwise, i'm trying to figure out when i want to turn on the house a/c. like at what temperature. in the meantime i think i should probably install some window fans upstairs where it is much warmer.
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