spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


wow. what a weekend. it was great times all around.
started out with an early happy hour on friday, followed by too much food with some old friends at Maggiano's. it was fulfilling both in the physical manner as well as mentally - i was able to realize that my mental debate regarding what i should be spending $$$$ on was solved - i decided i should be directing the $ at a new camera and camera gear. later on i hit up Corrosion and tried to get ande2713 a gig as a referee for the roller girls. got to watch ande2713 and shattering flesh out the BBBBBBB event concept and danced a bit.

the majority of the weekend was guided by julie the cruise director, in the personage of ande2713. man. she deserves many kudos for arranging a really awesome Q on saturday. i had a really fun time throwing around the football, frisbee and playing volleyball with lokey, talis9000, ganbaru and others. it was a blast!
surprising fridgedicebunny was pretty amusing. way to go craysen!
then on sunday? some kickass Indy500 watching action, some shooting at pieces of paper, another ande2713 organized ™ event - St Paul Saint's w/ pregame tailgating! man. total fun times.

oh wait. i didnt mention monday yet. well, twas so nice out so i ended up at brunch at the Uptown bar, then walking around lake of the isles with the speedy gonzalez aka eatstoomuchjam, alexlucard and of course la organizer extraordinaire, ande2713. that was followed up by a surprisingly productive milkbar_band practice - surprising since we had some serious scheduling miscues and in the process lost redghost from practice. still, we got a craptonne done and that was really good.

it was fun times and i'm glad that agentqup came up to be part of the weekend.
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