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i was one of the first to predict that most applications would become Web based. aka browsers would be the only thing we used.
boy was i ever wrong.

i mean sure. we all use tons of Web based things. LJ for one.
we all probably get 80% of our news from Web based sources.
and i certainly do many things that utilize the web as a transmission medium.
• RSS based informational feeds
• My calendar is published online
• Email via web

the problem is that i like 80% of the world, prefer to use local clients.
for example, this post i'm writing right now is being drafted using iJournal - a OSX client for LJ. i could be using the update webpage, but i like too many of the features built in to this client. like most of you who i bet use lj clients. and email. i prefer to use my mail program. well for all but my yahoo, hotmail and gmail accounts. (i have way too many email addresses)

but. what i think is really neat is this thing that i signed up for yesterday. its yet another way to use the web. to track things, and stuff. its called backpack. what does it do? it allows you to keep in one place, thats accessible from anywhere, things like todo lists, pictures, files, reminders etc. the most neat thing is that you can also access it from your cell phone. oh, and the reminders? they'll text message you with them too.

of course i havent gotten my stuff put in there yet, but you can be sure i'll try it out for a while. supposedly they've also got a bunch of related things for project management - online project management - accessible from anywhere!

blah. the web is so neat.
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