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The Donut Update. aka tales from a cancerous stinky butt cat aka Feline Intestinal Lymphocytic Sarcoma

for those of you who havent been following along, my nearly 10 year old cat Donut has Feline Intestinal Lymphocytic Sarcoma aka Feline Intestinal Lymphoma.

So... today i brought donut into the U of MN's vet hospital to have an Oncological Re-Check. He had been on 10 mg oral Prednisone for 3 weeks now, and they wanted to see if the Prednisone alone was helping. of course i knew it was doing things, some good some bad.
The Good was that in combination with the ZD food (hypo allergenic food) Donut was eating more. The Bad was that his diarrhea had increased. or at least, he was having more accidents. (gross i know. we were calling it the House of Poop for a bit since he kept favoring a particular chair and ottoman. at this point the ottoman is in the garage and the chair might soon join it. more on this later)
what i had no idea about was that he had actually lost weight instead of gaining. this was not good. he had been 8.4 pounds before. today he was 7.5 or so. So today's oncologist (Dr Hanson - Dr Husbands is taking a few weeks off to study for his boards...) suggested we move up to the next step - Chemotherapy. So beginning tomorrow, Donut will be taking Chlorambucil every other day in addition to his daily Prednisone. and in 2 weeks i have to get a Blood Screening to make sure that the Chlorambucil isnt mucking things up. and get this: Cholorambucil is so toxic i have to use Gloves to handle it. scary scary.

the good thing, is that its all treatable. its just money, time and patience. and hopefully we'll stop the accidents soon by reducing the diarrhea. mmm. poop.

also, i've added a memory for this topic.
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