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so the roomie and i had a deal going for a while - she wanted to eat healthier, and i like cooking and wanted to excercise my cooking skills. so, she would bring home veggies and meats from the grocery store where she worked, and i would cook em up.
we ended up on a stirfry diet since that was the center of my mad 1337 cooking skills. we had some horrible disasters ( this uber bitter green that i wont ever cook again ) and some decent successes.
then one day she brought home this head of cabbage. regular cabbage. not chinese (aka napa) cabbage. i was stumped. i had no idea what to cook with it. so it sat in the crisper for a while. she insisted it shouldnt be a problem since her mom cooked cabbage all the time. but see... i only knew cabbage to be an ingredient in cole slaw. (hey gunn, why is you named after slaw?)
not even the Cabbage episode of Good Eats gave me any inspiration.

then one day it hit me. its also a chief ingredient in Mooshoo (mushu? mooshu?) Pork. so then i was inspired. and i made a decent tasting stirfry with chopped cabbage, carrot stix and chicken. i thought it turned out ok, but i felt i had over cooked the cabbage. and since a head is a large amount, i had only cooked up half of it.
in the recent weeks, the amount of cooking has diminished due to various factors, but we still had some veggies sitting in the crisper. and late last night i got a bit hungry so i decided to fire up the cookery. i decided it would be wise to cook up the veggies before they got all icky, so i pulled out whatever we had in there. turned out there was still that half a head of cabbage, the rest of the carrot stix, and a bunch of broccoli. the spinach looked like it could live a bit longer, so i left it alone.
man. that broccoli was dead. stinky icky mushy dead. so that went into the garbage. but teh cabbage and carrots looked like they were ready for Round #2 of the mooshoo inspired stirfry. this time tho i threw in a bunch of onion and garlic. MMMM. uber tasty.
and this rice i got? mmm. nice and chewy and much funner to eat than simple long grain rice.

so. who wants me to cook for them?
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