spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

tossing cookies.

update on cookie post.

9:47:18 frippy: i'm making sugar cookies
9:47:48 spikenheimer: mmmm
9:47:55 spikenheimer: i wish my roomie would make cookies.
9:47:58 spikenheimer: she makes good cookies
9:48:01 frippy: cool
9:48:05 frippy: i was going to say "make some yourself"
9:48:26 frippy: that marble table of yours is prolly a great surface to roll out cookies
9:49:05 spikenheimer: yeah. except its covered in variousu things
9:49:23 frippy: cookies with little screws and paper clips embedded in them
9:49:31 spikenheimer: and cat hair.
9:49:35 frippy: "those are prizes"
9:50:43 spikenheimer: lol
9:50:47 frippy: i had to put a whole box of sugar into the dough
9:50:55 frippy: (i took it out of the box first)
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