spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

the watcher...

some fictionalized reality that came to me as i sat reading William Gibson this morning.

sitting there, i peered across the floor across the masses of people, and focused on three women laughing and having a good time. they were blonde, brunette and raven haired beauties from different upbringings, as different as one could imagine. one grew up in the country miles from anywhere, one on the streets, and one in the suburbs. i watched them dance around and laugh and in that single moment i came to the realization that these were 3 of the most important women in my life at this point. i laughed at how much i was enjoying myself, shook my head and looked away. my line of sight travelled around the place and happened upon a vision at the entrance. and in she walked. unsure of her surroundings, she shyly walked into the place. as butterflies flew around in my stomach, i knew had to talk to her. luckily, i knew she would come over, since i had invited her out.

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