spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

sleep. in packets of 4 hours.

went to bed at an earlyish hour of 3am (my usual has been 4am lately) and set the alarm for 7am. why? i had to take donut in for a day at the vet's. why? he had to have an endoscopy done so we could figure out why he's got issues with his gastro-intestinal tract. well i found out that this little slew of testings will cost me quite a bit. oh say around $500 or so. whee! i mean, i knew it would be some moneys, but i guess i wasnt really thinking. fun times. fun times.
i get to pick him up in an hour or so, hopefully he is feeling a bit better. i guess i'm supposed to mush up his food a bit for a few days. ick.

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