spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

this town is our town...

friday i woke up early (ok early for me. tbbpppttt) so i wouldnt miss the fedex delivery again. but when i checked the tracking website, there was no indication that the package was out on delivery. so i wrote a rant about it. then about half an hour later, they showed up. so i was able to go to ande2713's last day of work lunch. which was cool. lots of delicious foods from HolyLand, and then i came home stuffed and sleepy.
of course, instead of sleeping, i started to play / unpack my new stuff, and then got distracted when someone started pounding on the door. turned out it was the mailman, delivering ajha's latest ebay purchase.
ended up chatting with the roomie online for a bit, then putzing around with the new toys for a bit.
went out to Corrosion with rachelleappelle and met up with a whole slew of people. however, sometime during my stint at zero, i started to feel sick. i figured i was just having some indigestion from all the food stuffs i had at lunch and figured i would be ok. well after i got home last night it got worse.
after having to get up a few times in the middle of the night, i think its best that i canceled my morning breakfast plans, and stay in bed for a while.
hopefully i'll be back up this evening.
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