spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


so alexlucard suggested that he was going to make a Hunter S Thompson memorial cheeseburger that one of his friends had come up with.
it involved :
• 2 1/4 pound black angus beef patties
• Cheese
• BBQ Sauce
• Jalepeño peppers
• Bacon. Lots of Bacon.

needless to say after eating one, my belly felt like the lead. so i topped it off with a Bacon, Jalapeño, Lettuce and Cheese BBQ sandwich. MMMMMM.
then i felt like it needed some Dairy to quench the fires from the peppers, so we went to Sebastian Joe's and i had a scoop of Pavarotti.

Needless to say, that made me fear roller skating at the roller garden with ande2713 and her crüe. so i sat out the first 30 minutes while my stomach digested. There was a really good turnout which was cool, and it was cool seeing rachelleappelle's damn spiffy skates, which sadly, i dont think anyone got pictures of.
After skating, a bunch of us went to Psycho Suzie's for drinks and foods. tasty tasty.
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