spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

tis a name. soon the music will come together more.

so those of you who know me know that since i left the band Thosquanta (v2 as we like to call it now) (and yeah, i sorta left right before the band became dissolved. but thats a whole other story) that i've been wanting to get a new band together. along the way, i hooked up with usermatt4803 and we started to write stuff. we dragged redghost in as our vocalist, and i had always known i could count on dandroid6000 as our guitar machine. days and stuff came to pass, and then i decided to drag ande2713 into the fold. thank god for that, because she has given us so much. keyboardist, writing, tis been a great addition to the band. plus all that fricking energy she has.
anyways, the latest shes added has been the name. trust me. we had dozens of names that we went through.
so without further ado, i now present to you our name.


check out the community - its milkbar_band. its members are restricted to band members, but you may friend it for news and info about the band progress.
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