spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Memory Transfer In Progress...

Scanning for memories to backup...
2 Sectors found.
Initiating Transfer Process...
Monitor Mode is Active.

Ventured westward Tuesday from my abode to get my periodic haircut. during which my hair stylist and i were discussing how hard it is to cook brown rice in a rice cooker. time to google some answers on that. unless someone else has any ideas. while out west, i found gasoline that was priced at a meager $1.8 0 a gallon! so i filled up my envirofriendly SUV and then headed home to ponder rice cookery.
as it tends to happen, my conscious decided to ignore such lofty concerns, and i decided to work a bit on a cheesey song i had rumbling around. so i took advantage of my free time to go downstairs to the practice space and i whacked together a bit of a song. not sure how much further i want to take it, but i was amused by my workings.
musictime was interrupted by a call from ande2713, calling to indicate that our plans were about to start. so when she arrived we sat around and discussed benefits and then went for a celebratory dinner at Qdoba. (blueyeddevil - a mexican restaurant!)
later in the evening, i ventured forth to a Mardi Gras party at redghost's new lodgings, and then out for the tuesday madcap antics at the triple rock.
Transfer Complete.
Memory Archival flag set.

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