spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

slippers are a slippery thing.

i need a new pair of slippers. i've actually needed new slippers for some time now. based on LJ, aka my memory backup, i've been needing new slippers for about 2 years now. yeah. well instead of getting fun slippers that are cartoon characters, or fun shapes, i'm finally going to just get a nice pair of nice sturdy bottomed slippers. why? a) my feets are cold. b) the many pairs of Looney Tunes slippers i have are all worn out on the bottom.

so today i went to Target looking for some. what did i find? Flip Flop Thong thingers. uh. hello? its February in Minnesota. 14° F according to the weather channel. i do not need flip flops. so please dont have a whole Shoe Aisle dedicated to these, and have no slippers whatsoever. sheesh.

oh and today? hung out with redghost and got some tasty vietnamese food at Lotus with her, jason and marissa. mmm. eating veggies is good fun. and good for me!

gotta song in my head that i will try and extract tomorrow. that and i feel like putting some music to some of my prose.
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