spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

the dominon demands your respect. capiche?

like a good llama i followed the other lemmings and created a nation on nationstates.net.

in other news, i went to a non chinese restaurant last night named Nami, in order to buy birthday sushi for ande2713. we ate much good sushi, then decided to grab some sweetness. so we stopped in at the wilde roast cafe and picked up some treats to go. my cherry apple galette was quite tasty, but not nearly as tasty as E's pistachio cheesecake. oh my god. that was superb. we hung out a bit while she did some much needed dish washing, and then i was feeling tired so instead of going to the club i headed home.
on the way i remembered i was supposed to call ajha so i did. she wanted to move some packed boxes so we trucked a carload full of books and cds and dvds over to the housedog.
hung out a bit, she watched as i unpacked and displayed my Qees (pictures soon) and assorted other figures. then she spent a while playing with my Pinky:St figures. (more links on pinky:st)

Update: added cut with picture of the figures on display.

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