spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

lalalallala early

up early for me. not as early as i'll be up tomorrow. ugh.

today's tasks:
- take car to dealer to get steering fixed
- buy cat food
- pack
- pack
- pack
- clean litter box
- venture out to corrosion for a few minutes before sleeping

i think that covers it.

hung out with the flembot ande2713 yesterday. watched her navigate the commerce halls of america and then we watched some bebop for a few hours. then i had dinner with an old friend, then I showed ajha how to take care of my cat's feeding process, then sat around talking for a while. afterwhich i jetted over to GZ where i met silvrayn and watched as she had a horrible internet date. werent that many of my friends out at GZ, but enough to amuse me. Coming home, i stopped and refilled my gas at a Holiday that was sporting not one, not two, but three police cars. and two cabs. *shrug*
came home, did some text messaging and slept.
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