spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


update time. er. lessee. went to Robot Love today with ande2713 and damian to get some more toys. *whee!*

later i hung out with redghost and watched her torture her wee laddie. then it was off to st paul to dine with prrplgrrl. then back home where i watched the season premiere of Alias. whoa. man. its weird. its sooooooo new. every season. i love it. angela bassett is hottttt.

but not as hot as jennifer garner. yes. alias is just an excuse to have jennifer garner change into slutty outfits galore. oh and shoot guns. and breathe water. or something.

i then awaited for contact from the donut-sitter. but they were waylaid with some horrible plague. so instead of going to meet up with THE SINGER, (lookie! codenames! again! really not so much. just didnt feel like seeing one of those user link iconies.) at some show at the uptown, i sat online watched teevee, and chatted with alexlucard about girls he should set me up with. afterall, i am going to need a new crush soon. i can just tell.

i cant believe i'll be offline for a week soon. i am not sure what i will do. i might have to install my own copy of LJ on my laptop so i can pretend. bwahahaha.
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