spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


saw 24 hour party people yesterday. it was ... interesting. its a movie that is done in 'mockumentary' style - basically a fictional embellished retelling of actual events. which intersperses actual historical footage in with acted scenes. its done quite well in the film.
the topic was how Manchester, England influenced the 'modern rock' era with Factory Records. its quite a cool little movie. we were left wishing that there could have been more done on Joy Division and New Order, but all the same, it was quite cool.
it did lead to a discussion about the music scene here, and how we've identified and are sort of breeding a genre called Electropunk. Electropunk is basically a sound that consists of components of both Electronic music (aka dance style beats/drums and electronic synths) and Punk rock (aka distorted guitars and/or simple 3 chord patterns) and meld them together. The movie was both inspiring in a sense of making me want to write more music, but it was inspiring more in the desire to help bring Electropunk more to the forefront of attention.
it will certainly give me something to think about while i'm on vacation.
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