spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

happy new year!


who would have thought it. 2005. it seemed so far away when i was a wee lad. of course when i was a wee lad it was far away... ;)

my new years eve was super fun. except for the whole not sleeping enough thursday night thing. ikea action was had with fridgedicebunny, ethel and ande2713. after that, sushi with part of the gang. and then some ikea assemblage and a rush home to nap and prepare for the night's action.

i had a good time all in all at the party. twas good times. i think i would have enjoyed the company of a few others, but i cannot get what i want. but then again. its new years eve when its hard to get people into the same room at the same time. i'm just glad i chose to do what i did. cuz overall i had a good time.

now i'm off to get some greasy breakfast foods.
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