spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

*tap tap* is this thing on???

uh... yeah. havent been all that writing mood lately. i think i've been too frozen to write.

saturday was full of parties and stuff. lessee. started it off with what was supposed to be a sushi lunch meeting, which turned into a luce pizza lunch meeting. which turned into a shopping extravaganza with ande2713. it became super obvious to us that shopping on the last weekend before giftmas was an unwise proposition, but we finally were successful in hitting the goals.
dinner with ajha and miguel was quite tasty, and i saw what productive elves they had been that day.
had a xmas party hosted by a former coworker where i managed to only talk to a few people... then a birthday party for the jules. which was quite fun. its always nice when the birthday girl gets into super hostess mode and serves you drinks at your beck and call.
then a party up in the north country. or rather, the near-north country. good fun, good fun.

sunday was sorta screwed up in my head. i had planned a day out where football was an early game, only to find out it was a late game. consequently my time xmas shopping with a friend was cut super short as it was squeezed in before pre-game brunch and stuff. and of course i think i missed connecting up with someone cuz the game was a late game rather than an early one. and to make it even worse, the packers were playing like crap. or rather, they werent playing well enough to win.

monday was going to be the day i got my todo list done. of course the task i thought would take maybe an hour ended up taking up all day long, causing me no ends of stress, and costing me $. (i ended up needing to buy a new printer.) so we wont talk about it.
my mood lightened up considerably after hanging out a bit at HM with friends and having a few drinks.
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