spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

recap of the rock show friday, wherein SMNZ rules!

Friday we had our show at Big V's. it was a strange day, i managed to not do a lot of things that i should have, then ended up having the band over for an impromptu bbq where i made chicken satay for dan and i. yum!
when we got to Big V's we had been thinking all along that there were 4 bands. like seems to be the case always, we got to the venue when we were told to for load in. we were the only ones there. or at least the only band. 1.5 hours later, other bands started rolling in. no one knew what the lineup was, nor who was playing first, so we discussed it and had it worked out that we would play second after the Seagraves. Then a fifth band showed up. we all were like 'uh wha?' they explained they were invited by the headliners. so... instead of regular sets, we all had to do abbreviated 30 minute sets. which sorta sucked. but we all said 'ok, we can do this, no biggy' so the seagraves went on, and they were pretty good- sorta emo with a (in my mind) typically minneapolis sound. and everyone thought that the lead singer looked like either harry potter, or where's waldo. (which amuses me cuz when the books first came out i thought it looked like where's waldo playing magic tricks)
anyways, when we got on, it was super freaking hot on stage. especially where i was setup. so i was sweating bullets. our set went well, we had a few issues (as usual) due to craptacular monitors, and then we invited usermatt4803 aka SMNZ! on stage to sing the chorus for The Host. we had been getting the bar to bounce about a bit already with our songs, but wheee! when we hit The Host, the place freakin exploded. it was awesome.
SMNZ! certainly brought the funk and the energy to that song and it was super excellent. and a great song to end with.

so, thanks to everyone that showed up, props to doktorlaura for roadie talent and saucy_coconut for mad intros. agentqup gets super photo skills props (we gotta get those pics dood) and longest drive ever to see a show awards.
big thanks to Endless Blue for showin support, and of course huge thanks to Avenpitch for the invite and also the as ever awesome stageshow.

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