spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

2003 in review: January - June

Rung in the new year with no clear resolutions
Hung out a lot with the ande2713 hubbed social circle
begun the year with a lack of motivation and was tired a lot
went to GZ a lot and became an enabler in my friends' bondage
had strange predictive dreams...
found out through those damn quizilla quizzes about a fetish
changed my eating habits
i still like this picture...
finally tried out DDR
talked about my confidence
Learned to love shopping
skipped my annual vacation
wrote some moxie inspired fan fiction
Homestarrunner went 404
celebrated the birth of baby jeebus er... ande2713

was saddened by the loss of the Columbia
saw my first gymnastics meet
met and became i_h8_jailb8's chauffeur
wrote more fiction. this time incorporated my friends
wrote some haiku
hung out with the injured ande2713
began my role as the gummy bear king
lamented the LJ network issues
revealed my like of sheryl crow
started a clan of asians
and started to appreciate my asian heritage

i got some major plumbing work done
met up with some lj peeps at the mall
had strange dreams which apparently didnt involve someone in particular.
had dinner with a visiting VIP and her beau
i found new forms of entertainment and work
wrote some bad poetry
begged for comments and got some
became a sugar daddy of sorts
and found out that there are certain people who shouldnt be woken up
took a new path on a friendship
my friends got evicted
i bridged the gap with a former best friend who i had stopped hanging out with

i start to have a mental breakdown
had lunch with cheryl tiegs
we had riots in town
we have some strange weather patterns
tnn changes its name
spend lots of money
talk to myself a lot in private entries
trivial pursuit as erin's teammate starts its successful run
helped a friend out with stuff
have more drama than i'd like
went to hawaii
took lots of pics in hawaii
become homesick while in paradise
i saw X2 finally
i rekindle the practice of injecting tater tots with ketchup
i met cocakolis

aww... screw it. this is taking me way too long.

i'm tired of it. and no ones reading this much anyways.

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