spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

writing in my head

i've been so busy with work and then thinking about things in my head that i've not really had a chance to write here. plus i've not had much to write about or rather i've not had much i've wanted to write about where people could read it.

sure i could write it privately, but lately i've not had much writing impetus. so ive been doing the random quizes, and taking pictures. i really like capturing things in picture. i'm glad my friends are a fun bunch who dont mind getting their pictures taken. nor do they mind having a party every weekend where i can get content. lol.

i'm awake now with a low grade throbbing headache. it was full force earlier waking me out of a much needed sleep. so i popped a tylenol sinus and went back to bed. looks like i need some more.

i've been dealing with stuff at work as best as possible. i've been coping with she-ra's passing as best as possible, but i've also been avoiding that one by not putting her toys/food etc away yet. one step at a time. i know it will happen when i'm ready. i had some friend issues that i'm still not sure about, mainly i'm wondering if there are any issues or if my addled psyche created them from minor things. i tend to trust my feelings and think that they'll work themselves out.

i've found some good friends lately. i've also met a few new people and theres some people i know who i would like to know better. so thats what i've got on my plate. how about you?

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