spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

a burst of writing energy has struck.

something happened this weekend which reminded me of a scary news item from my college days. i was over at the bunker, for the upstairs' last blow out kegger, when this sorta out of it dude walked up. he seemed sorta drunk, and it was sorta weird for me. back when i was in college, i went to a party in an apartment. not a huge deal unto itself, since there were parties in alot of apartment buildings that weekend. but one party in particular, this guy walked in off of the street. no biggy right? well usually not. but this guy, he came back to that apartment the next day and stabbed one of the girls living there. she wasnt mortally injured, but it was still a really scary story to hear about.
yeah. so, when random people walk up to parties nowadays i'm really wary about them. especially when they're sorta weird and on something or drunk.

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