spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

i cant close the box.

for some reason i cant keep quiet tonight.

i dunno why. i think i'm just feeling out of sorts. lonely, bored, depressed, sad. i dunno, some of that, none of that, all of that.

i never did say what i'm thankful for this year. (well not really)

in no particular order:
i'm thankful for having friends that are great people. and great fun.
i'm thankful for having a good job and one that allows me to indulge myself with purchases of fun.
i'm thankful for having the ability to splurge and purchase things for friends. especially the ones that hate it when i do it. (if i havent bought something for you, sorry. you have to make it a bit more obvious to me)
i'm thankful for the health and well being of my family and friends.
i'm thankful for having met some really cool people this year. i think you know who you are.
i'm thankful for having LJ to let me babble.

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